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We are offering you the exclusive chance to try a free sample of
King British Goldfish Flake and King British Tropical Flake. It contains our unique, patented Immuno Health Booster which provides a natural boost against infection and disease.

Terms & Conditions

  • Subject to availability whilst stocks lasts.
  • Limited to 1 sample per company.
  • This offer is for commercial use only and is not available for the general public. 
  • The free sample is intended for personal use on your stocked fish (as appropriate), it is not to be sold on or returned for payment.
  • Only available to UK customers
  • N.B. Please read the label carefully before using. Make sure the product is suitable for your pet before using.
  • Expires: 01/01/2018

If you are a pet retailer and would like to receive your free sample, please complete the form below.