About Us

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Proud to be British

We are called King British because that’s what we aspire to be – the royalty of the fish world, top class foods, medicines and water care treatments for our friends that live in water.

As you can tell by the name we are very proud about who we are and where we come from. King British is made and sold in the UK – something that we are exceptionally proud about, not to mention that because we source local and manufacturer in house we are able to pass savings onto our customers. We also like to support projects and charities right here in Great Britain.

Our achievements…

Not that we like to boast, well not much anyway!  We are extremely proud of the fact that we have won 2 industry awards in the past 3 years. In 2009 we were awarded Manufacturer of the Year in recognition of our commitment as a manufacturer to retailers and fish keepers of providing a premium product. We also went on to win the Customer Care Team of the Year award in 2011, in recognition of the first-class service that we provide to our customers!

Where it all started…

King British began way back in the 1970’s at Head Office in Lincolnshire. It’s a great place, somewhere that we can call our own and where everybody’s welcome. All our products are manufactured in the purpose built, modern factory and then distributed throughout the UK in all those great little pet shops and garden centres. If you would like to pay one of these a visit just call our Customer Care Team on 01440 715700 who will be happy to locate a local King British stockist, alternatively visit the stockist locator page on this website, type in your postcode and a list of local pet shops will appear!


With many years experience, King British products consistently perform above expectation. King British products are supported by a strong team of technical experts, a fully equipped research laboratory and an award winning Customer Service team which ensures that retailers and fish keepers receive the correct product information first time, every time. Every aspect of the business is monitored, from product performance to deliveries.

To your left is a picture of King British Head Office – well we can dream can’t we?