King British Goldfish Treats
King British Goldfish Treats
King British Goldfish Treats
King British Goldfish Treats
King British Goldfish Treats are fun and healthy treats suitable for all goldfish. We happily give our pet dogs, cats, rabbits, or hamsters treats, and it should be no surprise that our fish will react well to treats too! The treats are compressed discs of goldfish food that will stick to the glass of your aquarium and attract the fish to feed. Children will love the spectacular "feeding frenzy" which can ensue, which will often bring even the shyest fish to the front of the tank.

Each packet contains approximately 70 treats.

Feed sparingly 2 to 3 times per week as a complementary treat to other King British complete fish foods.

Each tablet, which will dissolve slowly within a few minutes of entering the water, is sufficient for approximately 10 medium sized fish.

The fish treat tablets can be stuck onto the inside of the aquarium glass so that you can watch your fish feeding.

Storage: Do not store above 25 degrees centigrade

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Sarah Garrow Posted on 05 Dec 2015 Purchased on 01 Jan 1970
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My fish love it, they are happier fish for their weekly treats :)
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