A review of King British Goldfish Easy Clicker Feeder

An independent review from Jo, one of our King British fish keepers:

I have used pellets to feed my fish before but I decided to try the King British Goldfish pellets as they come in an attractive easy feeder container, apparently all you have to do is click the button and out pop the pellets, which hopefully would stop the old problem of “fishy fingers”!

So with great expectation I clicked the button and out popped some pellets, but not enough for my hungry fish, so I clicked it again and again and again! ALL of my fish came straight to eat them, with my Hillstream loaches waiting at the bottom for them to sink. The pellets themselves aren’t too big, so all of my fish were able to enjoy them and they don’t smell too bad at all!! After the recommended 2 minutes I looked to see if any of the food was left uneaten, but it had all gone. 

I have been using this product now for the last few days and I’m happy with it, but I have encountered one small problem … my Weather Loach was very curious at the white container from which the food was appearing from, so he decided to pop up and investigate… he caught me off guard and I dropped the container of pellets into the water!! After quickly scooping up the container, shaking it madly and laughing at myself, I think only a few pellets were affected .So if anyone was to ask me if I would recommend this product to a friend, I would definately say yes but if I could change one thing about this product I would change the plastic container slighty. I think some sort of texture/grip to the sides would be very helpful and hopefully stop the problem of fishkeepers like me dropping it into the water!!


Thanks for the review Jo! We will definitely take your feedback on board.

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