What is Immuno Health Booster (IHB)?

IHB is UNIQUE to King British, and can be found in our award-winning fish flake and other King British Fish Foods. IHB helps strengthen your fish’s natural immune system, providing them with a stronger shield against infection and disease.

So, what exactly is IHB?

IHB contains ‘Ergosan’, a natural compound extracted from marine algae, which provides a natural boost against infection and disease.

IHB is an ‘immunomodulator’, which means that it regulates the immune system by producing stimulants when needed and suppressing them when not, helping to avoid auto-immune disease or allergies. This naturally helps fish to cope with stress, and optimises their health and longevity.

How does IHB help my fish?

In an aquarium or pond, fish are constantly exposed to low levels of infection and parasites. Adding IHB to your fish’s diet helps boost their immune defence mechanisms, helping them fight infections and parasites more effectively, and decreasing the risk of low-level infections developing into full-scale problems. 

How can I add IHB to my fish’s diet?

IHB can only be found in King British fish foods; no other fish food manufacturer can claim to have this unique ingredient. IHB is included in:

King British Fish Flake (with IHB) is tried, tested and trusted

In King British trials, 97% of fishkeepers reported their fish showed improvements in vitality, colour, general health or inclination to breed after being fed King British Fish Flake (with IHB).

In 2018 AND 2020 King British Fish Flake (with IHB) won a Retailer Recommended Award for Best Aquatic Product. This award was voted for by retailers themselves, proving that the people you speak to in the pet shop rate King British Fish Flake (with IHB) above all other fish foods.