African Helmeted Turtle

Caring for your African Helmeted Turtle
I’m full of character and a popular turtle to keep, particularly as I always look like I’m smiling!

But, I can be shy so I like places to hide, and I’m not a fan of water with fast-flowing currents.

While I don’t mind sharing a tank with my own kind, I don’t mix well with other species. Due to my size, I prefer living with turtle keepers who have more experience and space.

Species Profile
Scientific name: Pelomedusa subrufa

Adult size: Up to 30cm (12 inches)

Average lifespan: Up to 50 years

Suggested for: Intermediate turtle keepers

Housing: Turtle tank at least 90cm long and 30cm high, with a strong filter and an intense UVB light

Environmental requirements: Water temperature of 25°C, basking platform with a temperature of 26–37°C

Diet: Mix of turtle food, insects, worms and meat

FUN FACT: African helmeted turtles have long muscular necks, which they can use to right themselves if they stuck on their backs