What is Immuno Health Booster?

Posted 20 Oct 2015

King British Fish Flake

King British fish food is unique because it includes our Immuno Health Booster (IHB). IHB contains ‘Ergosan’, a natural compound extracted from marine algae, which provides a natural boost against infection and disease.

King British is the only food enriched with this immune boosting compound for ornamental fish. IHB is an immune-modulator, which means that it regulates the immune system by producing stimulants as well as suppressing them when not needed, helping to avoid auto-immune diseases or allergies. This naturally helps fish to cope with stress and optimise their health and longevity. 

In an aquarium or pond, fish are constantly exposed to low levels of debilitating infections, which their natural defence systems struggle to keep under control. IHB provides the support they need to naturally overcome these challenges to their health and wellbeing.

King British IHB contributes to:
✔  Improvement in defence against disease in fish and shrimps
✔  Promotion of health and growth
✔  Reduction of losses
✔  Increased colouration and luminosity of the skin