King British Barley Straw Extract for ponds
King British Barley Straw Extract controls filamentous algae (including most varieties of Blanket Weed) & clears Green Water. It is more concentrated and faster acting than the traditional practice of sinking tubes of barley straw into ponds. Best results are achieved by using weekly throughout the summer season for maximum effect. Easy to use and harmless for pets & wildlife.

One 250ml bottle will treat up to 56,250 litres of pond water!

Shake bottle well before use.

For ponds with an existing problem: An initial dose of 125ml per 4500 litres / 1000 gallons to ‘shock treat’ the pond. And then a treatment should be given every week during the summer with a maintenance dose of 20ml per 4500 litres/ 1000 gallons. Or as a preventative measure: Once a week with 20ml of solution for every 4500 litres or 1000 gallons. OR…Twice a week with 20ml of solution for every 4500 litres or 1000 gallons, if the pond has a UV filter. (the UV action of the filter reduces the efficacy of the product).

Harmless to all pond fish, plants and other wildlife.

Warnings: Store the bottle in this carton in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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