King British Holiday Food Block is suitable for all coldwater & tropical fish. It is a calcium matrix that slowly dissolves to release fish food into the water, thus keeping your fish fed for up to 14 days. Saves worrying about your fish being hungry whilst you are away on holiday. Sufficient for 10-15 small fish or up to 6 medium size fish.

Simply place the block into the aquarium and leave it. The block will then slowly release small particles of food when disturbed by the fish looking for food. If any of the food block is uneaten on your return, carefully remove the remains and discard. Sufficient for 10-15 small fish or up to 6 medium size fish for 14 days. For less fish simply break the block into an appropriate size. Discard any powder produced after cutting.

Store in a cool, dry place.

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  • I am going on holiday for a week, can my fish be left without food?

    This depends on what kind of fish you have. Most cold water fish will be fine for one week without food, however tropical fish usually need to be fed more often. You can use holiday blocks, which release the food slowly into the water over a period of time, or you could ask a friend or neighbour to feed your fish, make sure you leave specific instructions, to ensure they do not over feed!

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