King British Ulcer & Open Wound Treatment
King British Ulcer & Open Wound Treatment is a veterinary medicine containing fomaldehyde that protects damaged body tissues from bacterial infections & prevents external parasites from spreading. Promotes quick regeneration and healing of damaged tissues.

Within the pack is a dosing calculator where you can work out the volume of your pond. Using this information you can then use the table to calculate the amount required. The specially designed dosing bottle then allows you to ‘squeeze’ the measure into the chamber which is then poured into a watering can full of pond water, ensuring the can is free from any chemical contaminants.  Then slowly empty the watering can into your pond, ideally using a rose attachment. This chamber helps prevent over-dosing and allows full control.

Each 250ml bottle will treat up to 2,250 litres of pond water.

Use medicines responsibly;

Warnings: Store the bottle in this carton in a cool dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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  • My fish has a red sore on its body. What should I do?

    External wounds and infections can be treated with a number of fish medicines, such as King British Disease Clear (for aquaria) or Ulcer & Open Wound Treatment (for ponds). It is important to keep the water quality pristine, otherwise the wound will become re-infected. It is also important to find out how the fish got the sore / wound in the first place. If it was a one-off due to handling, then just try to be more careful next time. However, if it was caused by a heron or a bullying tank – or pond – mate, than you need to assess whether it could happen again. Have you got too many fish in the pond? Have the fish become too big for their aquarium?

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