Proud to be King British


As you can tell by the name we are very proud about who we are and where we come from. King British is made and sold in Great Britain – something that we are exceptionally proud of.

The King British fish food range includes flake, extruded pellets, and other specialist foods. Diets ideal for all types of fish, turtles & terrapins have been formulated to ensure excellent palatability, digestibility with essential protein and vitamin intake too. King British water treatments and medicines provide excellent solutions to problematic water quality issues and diseases.

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A review of Goldfish Treats

Goldfish feeding on King British Goldfish Treats

Read what Lois, an experienced fish keeper, said about King British Goldfish Treats.

"My Black Moor, who normally takes a while to find food, was straight there munching away. My gold fantail took a little more persuading and initially preferred chasing around the tank after the little bits that dissolved off. Soon they were both nibbling at the treat and hunting down the morsels that floated around the tank."