Fish Health - Common Problems and Treatments

Sometimes fish fall ill. They are sensitive creatures and can be susceptible to disease, especially when water and living conditions are not accurately maintained. Use our handy fish health tool below to see what common fish diseases might be affecting your own fish and which are the best medicines to treat them with. 

Click on any of the 'i'  icons below to see common fish diseases and how you can treat them!

Fin, Tail, Mouth and Body Rot 

(Bacterial infection)
Frayed, decaying and damaged fins and tail. Fins may be red at the base. Open sores. 

Velvet (parasite)

A fine, yellowish dust beginning around the back of the head, progressing to fins and eyes. Flicking and rubbing against objects. Rapid gill movement and gasping at water surface.


Cotton wool-like growths that appear on the body or the fins. 

Red streaks on fins and tails. 

Often follows fin rot.

White Spot

(Ichthyophthirius multifiliis Parasite).

Small pin head sized white spots on the skin and fins. Flicking and rubbing against objects. Rapid gill movement. Fish appear agitated.

Slime Disease

Sluggish behaviour, dull colouration, excess mucus, damaged gills, rapid gill movement.


(Bacterial infection)
Reddened sores on the body of the fish. Sores may appear white in some patches.