Caring for your Plec
I’m territorial and don’t get on well with my own kind unless I’m very small and live in a large aquarium. I’m HUGE when fully grown so need a large tank.

Please provide plenty of safe spots to hide during the day (I can become quite shy and distressed if not). I need to chew on wood in my tank, and like decorations such as caves, stones and plants.

Feed me plenty of fresh vegetables. I love King British Algae Wafers with IHB ‘Health Booster’ - perfect for bottom feeders like me because they’re designed to sink.

Plecs like to have an area of the aquarium to call their own and will defend it using sharp spines on their fins.
Species Profile
Scientific Name: Hypostomus plecostomus

Family: Loricariidae

Adult Size: 30-60cm long

Temperature: 24-28 degrees Celcius