Caring for your Zebra Danio

I’m very hardy, make a good beginner fish and a great alternative to goldfish.

I can be kept in a tepid water tank (between 18-25°C) in a centrally heated house. Give me plenty of space to zoooooom around - I like to swim with fast moving, active breeds. Keep me away from slow moving fish as I can be tempted to nip their fins.

I’m especially fond of King British Tubifex Treats and King British Tropical Flake (with IHB), as they can be crushed to fit my little mouth.

Species Profile

Scientific Name: Danio rerio

Family: Cyprinidae

Adult Size: 5-7cm long

Temperature: 18-24 degrees celcius

Fun Fact: Zebra Danios lack a true acid stomach so minerals that require acidification in the stomach are poorly absorbed, meaning they need a slightly higher amount of minerals in their diet.