Common Box Turtle

Caring for your Common Box Turtle
I’m a nice small size, but have some very specific needs so am better suited to an intermediate keeper.

I like to spend most of my time on land, so need a large and varied basking area. My water needs to be quite shallow with an easy way to get in and out, as I’m not a strong swimmer.

I like to warm up before eating, so I prefer my breakfast after my basking light has been on a little while.

Species Profile
Scientific name: Terrapene Carolina

Adult size: Up to 17.5cm (7 inches)

Average lifespan: 30–40 years

Suggested for: Intermediate turtle keepers

Housing: Wooden vivarium 115cm long and 30cm tall, with a desert strength UVB light

Environmental requirements: Water temperature of 25°C, basking platform with a temperature of 32°C

Diet: Mix of turtle food, insects, meat, worms, vegetables and leafy greens

FUN FACT: Box turtles are so called because they can pull their head, arms and legs completely into their shells.