Eastern Mud Turtle

Caring for your Eastern Mud Turtle
As a small turtle, I’m good for beginners. But, I can get a little bit grumpy so would prefer a turtle keeper who is a little older and wiser.

When it comes to my water, I prefer a shallower setup as I’m not a very strong swimmer. 

Species Profile
Scientific Name: Kinosternon subrubrum

Adult size: 10–12.5cm (4–5 inches)

Average lifespan: Up to 50 years

Suggested for: Beginner turtle keepers

Housing: Turtle tank 90cm long and 30cm tall, with a strong filter and an intense UVB light

Environmental requirements: Water temperature of 25°C, basking platform with a temperature of 32°C

Diet: Mix of turtle food, insects, worms and leafy greens

FUN FACT: Like their close relations the musk turtles, wild mud turtles can give off a foul smelling odour if threatened by predators