Painted Turtle

Caring for your Painted Turtle
With our striking colouring and great personality, we make a lovely addition to any household and are particularly popular in the UK. And we don’t get too big either!

We love to bask and are quite laid back turtles (but that doesn’t mean we like to be handled regularly – only for health checks and water changes). We’re also active and able swimmers so like a lot of space to bask and swim.

Species Profile
Scientific Name: Eastern painted turtle – Chrysemys picta picta
Western painted turtle – Chrysemys picta belli

Adult size: 15–20cm (6–8 inches)

Average lifespan: 25–30 years

Suggested for: Beginner turtle keepers

Housing: Turtle tank at least 120cm long and 30cm tall, with a strong filter and an intense UVB light

Environmental requirements: Water temperature of 25°C, basking platform with a temperature of 29–35°C

Diet: Mix of turtle food, insects, meat, worms and leafy greens

FUN FACT: Painted turtles can hold their breath for longer than any other air-breathing vertebrate in the world