Reeve's Turtle

Caring for your Reeve's Turtle 
With my small size and lovely personality, I’m a great choice for beginner turtle keepers.

I’m not a strong swimmer, but am very lively and active. A long tank with a water level at least one and half times the height of my shell is perfect. Remember to decorate it nicely with rocks and logs, and to give me a ramp to get up to my basking area easily.

I can be quite messy, so you’ll need a strong filter to help keep my water in tiptop condition.

Species Profile
Scientific name: Mauremys reevsii

Adult size: Around 12.5cm (5 inches)

Average lifespan: 10–15 years

Suggested for: Beginner turtle keepers

Housing: Turtle tank 90cm long and 30cm tall, with a strong filter and an intense UVB light

Environmental requirements: Water temperature of 25°C, basking platform with a temperature of 26–37°C

Diet: Mix of turtle food, shrimp, meat, insects, worms and leafy greens

FUN FACT: Also known as the Chinese pond turtle