A review of King British Goldfish Treats

An independent review from Lois, one of our King British fish keepers:

Everyone who loves their fish likes to treat them every now and again, and with King British’s new selection of fish treats, it couldn’t be easier. The range includes goldfish, tropical and variety fish treats which can all be stuck to the aquarium glass, giving you a great view of your fish. The treats are supposed to be fun and nutritional, and you get quite of lot of treats in the pot too. I really like the fact that there are different types for different fish and are therefore nutritionally specific, including lots of vitamins and minerals. I’ve never seen anything like this before from any other manufacturer so I was really looking forward to trying them out.

The pot is the standard blue King British affair, again very handy for storage. The instructions don’t tell you how to stick it onto the glass, so I was a little worried as they’re just little flat round tablets, but they stick on really easy and really well. The instructions state that 1 tablet is sufficient for around 10 medium goldfish, so my 2 small goldfish were in for a real treat!!

King British Goldfish Treats My Black Moor, who normally takes a while to find food, was straight there munching away. My gold fantail took a little more persuading and initially preferred chasing around the tank after the little bits that dissolved off. Soon they were both nibbling at the treat and hunting down the morsels that floated around the tank.

My two aren’t shy fish and will come to say “hello” all the time, but if you have new or wary fish, this would be a great way to have a really good look at them. Instead, this gave me a fantastic opportunity to get some photos of them as they were around the front of the tank for quite a while. The pot states that the tablet will dissolve over a few minutes, but because I only had two fish attacking it, it lasted for nearly an hour. This gave them loads of time to go off for a rest and then come back for more. I was a little worried about it’s affect on the water quality because it’s supposed to feed many more fish, so I fed them of a day when I was changing some water anyway.  

They both seemed pretty excited during and after the feed and were swimming around merrily together. My Black Moor got so into all the bits floating around, he looked like he had a bad case of ich for a while afterwards! I’m sure children would really love using these as they can get up close to their fish.

As well as becoming a regular treat for my fish, I think these would also make a great little treat to take round to fellow fishy friends, far more enjoyable for the fish than wine or flowers!


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