A review of King British Weekend Feeders

An independent review from Rachel, one of our King British fish keepers:

Weekend feeders are a ‘must have’ that’s always useful to have on-hand. Past experience has resulted in strange brown log-like things floating around on the surface of the tank that I come back to a few days later to find clogged up in the filter and barely touched.

On the packaging, the instructions elaborate further than the ‘feeds up to 12 fish for 4 days’ on the front, saying that they’ll feed twelve small fish and five medium fish. I decided to go for two due to the number of fish in the tank, meaning the tetras had one to themselves and the gourami and cory’s could tuck into the other.

I’ll admit to being dubious at the bright white, artificial looking weekend feeders I was given, my fish wouldn’t touch the ‘natural’ looking ones, would they be interested in these? After an initial fight with the packaging (vacuum packing gives very little leverage when I only wanted to prise out two of the four!) the chalky texture seemed a bit strange.

All my worries vanished the moment I plopped the first one in. It sank like a lead weight straight to the bottom – no more filter clogging then! With the sinking in mind, I could place the second one to the other side and not worry about squabbling whilst I was on my travels. The fish were instantly curious and, going by the very slow bubbling I could see, the feeders were starting to disperse nicely.

When I returned from holiday there was only a small fragment left of one of the feeders, the other was completely gone. The filter was fine, none of the feeder was stuck in it, which as I mentioned earlier is what normally happens to me. The fish themselves didn’t appear hungry and none had lost weight, so the feeders had certainly been eaten.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed. The feeders were cleaner and tidier than previous ones, and their sinking meant that they could be roughly positioned in the tank and would not block the filter. Most of my fish are mid-water or bottom dwelling, so the feeders were ideal sitting on the bottom and with them naturally dispersing, meant that the fish that won’t scavenge also got a fair share.

In summary, this is a product I would use again as its pretty mess free, didn’t get caught up in the filter and, most importantly, the fish themselves liked it. I would definitely recommend these King British Weekend Feeders to other fish keepers who are fretting about leaving their fish for a few days.


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