Fuel your Catfish Crew: give them the correct nutrition

Algae growing in tanks isn’t the most attractive thing to look at. Not only is it unsightly, but it has a negative effect on water quality which will affect the health of your fish.

Seeking a quick fix, some people buy a suckermouth catfish. Believing they only eat algae, they think the fish will be getting all the food it needs while keeping the tank in pristine condition.

Simple right? Wrong!

While it is true that some species of catfish will eat algae, it is a common misconception that this is all the food they need. In the same way that other pets need the correct nutrition to flourish, so do fish.

What food should I choose?

Different types of catfish have different diets – some species eat wood and the bio-film that grows on it, while others will eat insects, larvae, and some species will even eat smaller fish. When it comes to selecting the right food for your catfish it is essential that you do your research. Talk to your aquatic retailer and look out for food that is tailored to the needs of catfish.

What is IHB? IHB is a major breakthrough in nutritional science and unique to King British. IHB is an immunomodulator, meaning it helps regulate the immune system. Adding IHB to their diet helps boost their immune systems, helping them fight infection and disease.

Fuel your Catfish Crew with King British

King British Algae Wafers have been developed to meet the nutritional needs of bottom-feeding algae eaters. Designed to sink to the bottom of the tank where algae-eating fish typically feed, they contain Vitamin C and 45% protein. They are also coated in our unique Immuno Health Booster (IHB).

King British Catfish Pellets are a complete food for all catfish and algae-eating fish. Containing 50% protein and 15% oil (as required by most catfish), they have been develop with a low waste formula for cleaner, clearer water.

King British Plecostomus Tablets contain spirulina algae and ergosan to enhance colour and improve condition, as well as the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for good health. The tablets are a complete balanced diet suitable for all Plecostomus and other bottom-feeding catfish.

Fuel your catfish crew with specialist food from King British