Choosing the right food for your fish

With so many different types of fish, all with different nutritional requirements, it can be daunting trying to figure out which food is best.

King British believe that fish deserve the royal treatment in every aspect of their lives, and that includes their food. All King British Fish Foods are made from the highest quality natural ingredients and each type of food has been specifically developed to meet all of your fish’s nutritional needs.

To make identifying the most suitable food for your fish easier, we’ve put together a rundown of all our King British Fish Foods and which type of fish they have been developed for

Goldfish Food

Goldfish are one of the most commonly kept fish; they’ve been kept as pets for over 2,000 years. Goldfish are a great starter fish for those beginning their fishkeeping journey, and there are a huge number of varieties to choose from.

Goldfish are coldwater fish that live well in a community, but they are highly competitive when it comes to food. Because of this, some varieties of goldfish that are slower moving, like bubble eyes and lionheads, shouldn’t be kept with faster-moving varieties, like comets.

King British Goldfish Flake (with IHB) is an ideal choice for goldfish keepers because it contains our unique IHB (Immuno Health Booster). IHB provides a stronger shield against infection and disease, helping fish live long, healthy, happy lives.

Other foods you may wish to consider are King British Goldfish Floating Pellets, which are ideal for larger goldfish and those that feed at the surface. King British Goldfish Sinking Pellets are also ideal for fancy goldfish, bottom feeders and fish that are prone to swimbladder problems. Sinking pellets sink to the bottom of the tank, saving fish from coming to the surface and gulping air as they feed, which can cause swimbladder problems.





Tropical Fish Food

With so many colours, shapes and behaviours to choose from, it’s little wonder that tropical fish are such a popular choice. From species like mollies and guppies, which are ideal for beginners, to those that offer a little more of a challenge, like discus, there really is a tropical fish to suit every fishkeeper.

The term ‘tropical fish’ covers a wide spectrum of species, some of which may be better served by the King British Specialist Tropical Range, which we’ll cover below. 

The best way to identify the most suitable food for your tropical fish is by looking at the shape of its mouth. Fish with upturned mouths are usually surface feeders, so do well with flakes and sticks. King British Tropical Flake (with IHB) is a great food choice because it contains our unique IHB (Immuno Health Booster), which provides a stronger shield against infection and disease, helping fish live long, healthy, happy lives.

King British Tropical Food Mix is suitable for surface feeders and mid-water feeders; these fish can be identified by their forward-facing mouths. King British Tropical Food Mix contains additional bloodworms which are rich in iron and protein, and ergosan to support health and vitality, and provides tropical fish with a varied diet (as they’d have in the wild),

If you have a fish with a downward facing mouth these are usually bottom feeders, and prefer granules or wafers. King British Tropical Mini Pellets are a complete food that slowly sink through the water column, so are great for community tanks as they feed surface, mid-water and bottom-feeding fish. They are high in protein, and are water stable so they remain enticing mouth-sized chunks rather than dissolving.


Specialist Tropical Food

As mentioned above, the shape of a fish’s mouth gives an indication of whether a specific type of food is suitable for them. For certain specialist fish, like catfish and cichlids, King British have created specific foods that are not only easy for them to eat, but contain all the nutrition they need to flourish.

King British Catfish Pellets are a complete food for all catfish and other bottom-feeding fish like loaches. Containing 50% protein and 15% oil (as required by most catfish), they have been developed with a low waste formula for cleaner, clearer water.

It’s a common misconception that some bottom-feeding catfish only eat algae, and while it’s true some will, it is not enough to meet all their nutritional needs. Plus, in an ideal world a healthy tank has little to no algae growth, so you need to make sure you’re supplying all your fish with enough food.

For your plecostomus, King British Plecostomus Tablets contain spirulina algae and ergosan to enhance colour and improve condition, as well as the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for good health.

And to give your algae-eaters something extra, why not feed them King British Algae Wafers (with IHB)? They are designed to sink to the bottom of the tank where algae-eating fish typically feed, and remain water stable for up to three hours. Alongside algae they contain Vitamin C, protein and King British’s unique IHB (Immuno Health Booster), which provides a stronger shield against infection and disease.

Cichlids come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and so King British have created food to suit. King British Cichlid Flake (with IHB)  is perfect for smaller cichlids like rams, while King British Cichlid Sticks (with IHB)  are better suited to larger cichlids like oscars. Both foods contain our unique IHB (Immuno Health Booster) which provides a stronger shield against infection and disease.

Marine Fish Food

Marine fish offer fishkeepers a true challenge due to their specific environmental needs, but the extra effort is worth it because of their stunning colours and fascinating communities. 

King British Marine Food provides your marine fish with a complete diet. The food has a low waste formula to ensure cleaner, clearer water, and is easily digestible so your fish can make use of the nutrients with no trouble. To mimic the varied diet of wild marine fish, the food contains a blend of marine flake, krill, gammarus and shrimp.   

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