Give your fish the Royal Treatment

We all care about where our food comes from and what it's made of, and this is a consideration that is moving across to the pet food world too. Debates about the benefits of raw vs dry food for cats and dogs, and pellets vs muesli for rabbits are all hot topics of conversation. But, what about our fish?

Like all pets, fish need the correct nutrition to flourish. And when it comes to choosing the right food, King British think fish deserve the Royal Treatment. 

But, isn’t all fish food the same?

Not all fish food is created equal, and more importantly not all fish food is suitable for all fish. It is important that you feed your fish the correct diet and the correct amount of food to ensure they live healthy, happy lives. Incorrect nutrition or food quantity has a negative impact on fish health. Symptoms of incorrect nutrition can vary in severity. For example, lethargy and sunken bellies can both suggest a feeding issue but can be remedied by a better quality and correct quantity of fish food. More severe outcomes like reduced growth rate and a reduced resistance to infection are life-long and can ultimately lead to death.

So, what makes King British Fish Flake so special?

King British Fish Flake is unique because it’s the only fish flake containing IHB (Immuno Health Booster). IHB helps provide fish with a stronger shield against infection and disease by strengthening their natural immune system. Adding IHB to your fish’s diet helps them fight off many low-level infections before they get the chance to develop into full-scale problems. Feeding IHB to your fish results in healthier, happier fish, and of course a happy fishkeeper.

All the ingredients in King British Fish Flake (with IHB) are included because they are of the highest quality and help provide a complete, balanced diet for fish. This includes hydrolysed fish protein, which is easier for fish to digest and utilise nutrients from, resulting in less waste production. Less waste means cleaner, clearer water, helping you to maintain the water quality.

Our King British Fish Flake (with IHB) is Retailer Recommended

In 2018 AND 2020 King British Fish Flake (with IHB) won a Retailer Recommended Award for Best Aquatic Product. This award was voted for by retailers themselves, proving that the people you speak to in the pet shop rate King British Fish Flake (with IHB) above all other foods.

Try our award-winning King British Fish Flake (with IHB) now

In King British trials, 97% of fishkeepers reported their fish showed improvements in vitality, colour, general health or inclination to breed after being fed King British Fish Flake (with IHB). Why don’t you try it and see if you notice the difference?

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