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What maintenance should I do on my aquarium?

The varies between all set ups, but as a rough guide you should do the following:

✔  Check fish for signs of disease
✔  Check water temperature
✔  Check filter is working correctly

✔  Remove 10-15% of water and replace with de-chlorinated water - try using King British De-Chlorinator
✔  Test water conditions are suitable for the fish you keep (different species require different conditions) - Try adding King British Filter Aid +to help maintain good water quality.
✔  Clear any algae

✔  Perform a 25% water change, replacing with de-chlorinated water
✔  Vacuum gravel
✔  Carry out essential filter maintenence
✔  Check sponges/cartridges
✔  Rinse filter sponge (not under tap water)
✔  Clean aquarium of algae
✔  Clean ornaments and plastic plants
✔  Replace air stone (if used)
✔  Prune any live plants that need it