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  • I am going on holiday for a week, can my fish be left without food?
    This depends on what kind of fish you have. Most cold water fish will be fine for one week without food, however tropical fish usually need to be fed more often. There are a few options. You can use holiday blocks, which release the food slowly into the water over a period of time, or you could ask a friend or neighbour to feed your fish. Make sure you leave specific instructions, to ensure they do not over feed, if you choose this option.
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  • Why are my fish spitting their food out?
    If it is a new food it may take a little time for your fish to get used to the new taste. You should keep feeding them with the food, removing any uneaten food after 2 or 3 minutes. It is also possible that you are feeding them a little too much food. Fish only require a very small amount of food, so try feeding them a little less. Some fish also spit their food out if the particles are too big, breaking them down into smaller more manageable sizes. Also, some fish like to taste their food before eating it - Bet…
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  • How much should I feed my aquarium fish?
    As a general guide we recommend you feed your aquarium fish as much food as they will consume in 2-3 minutes of feeding time. Any excess food should then be removed from the tank to prevent fouling the water.
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  • When should I feed my pond fish?
    You should only feed pond fish when the water temperature is above 4 degrees celcius. Below this, do not feed them at all becuase their metabolism slows down and they cannot digest food properly.
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  • Why is using high quality fish food important?
    Fish have very specific nutritional demands and will suffer if these aren't met. Deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals can result in poor growth, abnormal bone development, deformities and even death. For example, fish require certain amounts of phosphorous, vitamin D and calcium in their diet to ensure that their bones develop normally. Without them, the spine becomes deformed, causing the fish to look bent and they may have trouble swimming. Higher quality foods, such as the King British range, have bee…
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Most Frequently Asked

How often should I change my aquarium water?

Most aquariums should be cleaned every 2 weeks on average. It is easier to combine cleaning and water changes by using a gravel siphon, as this also removes any dirt and waste from the bottom of the tank.

When can I add new fish to my tank?

If you are introducing new fish to a matured aquarium, then there shouldn’t be a problem. However, you should monitor the ammonia and nitrite level for the few days following introduction as a precaution. Also, you should quarantine any new fish for at least 4 days in a separate tank before adding to your main tank. This will help to prevent spreading any diseases.

It is advisable to run a new tank with water only for at least 1 to 2 weeks before adding fish, to allow the filter to build up some beneficial bacteria. It helps to add King British Filter Aid + during this period to help the filter to mature. Fish produce ammonia through respiration, and release it into the water through their urine and across the gills. In a matured aquarium, the filter can remove the ammonia quickly before it causes any problems. However, in a new, un-matured aquarium the ammonia will linger and may build up and cause problems. If fish are added straight away to a new tank, then the ammonia they produce can poison them and they may die. Also, once you do start adding fish, they should be added slowly and gradually, not all at once. Spread it out over of a period of weeks by adding two or three fish at a time, to allow the filter to adjust to the larger load of ammonia and nitrite.

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